The 2023 Proven Guide To ICO Marketing

After the 2020 epidemic, people’s interest in bitcoin grew, and a flood of cryptocurrencies is approaching the market. A great ICO marketing approach can help you attract thousands of clients. Marketing an ICO (or crypto project) is different from regular projects.

Here are the key features of ICO marketing to help you start your project and obtain more results:

1.What’s different about ICO marketing?

Marketing is a process that’s applied differently across platforms. Similar items with different attributes have different results.

Different niches have different public perspectives and expectations. On average, marketing services may only promote your ICO as you wish. Understand the bitcoin market.

Cryptocurrencies differ from the mainstream, and governments are regulating them. Marketing cryptocurrencies and ICOs has hurdles. 

ICO marketing rules 

ICO marketing obstacles aren’t popular. ICOs can’t sell their projects on Google or Facebook alone. They should receive eligibility confirmations but may have problems inserting ads.

Mainstream media viewers pay little attention to the crypto industry. Also, publications need to grasp how cryptocurrencies function and will only gain popularity with bad stories.

 2. Who invests in crypto?

ICO investors fall into two categories:

Financial institutions: Institutional investors include banks, crypto hedge funds, and merchants. They invest more money than private investors despite being fewer in number. Institutional investors usually join bitcoin projects later.

Individuals: Private investors are crypto fans who want to invest in a project.

Crypto investors must follow these 5 steps:

  • Bitcoins
  • Determines that investing in them is worthwhile; Tracks the most popular cryptocurrencies and instills in them; Collects information about ICOs.
  • Invest in early-stage crypto initiatives

This private investor spends little but is big. They help tokens & coins build communities.

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 3. How to promote an ICO.

ICOs focus on how crowdfunding can restructure fundraising. Branding and a well-designed website can help sell your idea.

Privately invest

  • Below are pre-ICO investors:
  • Airdrops
  • White papers Ads
  • Influencer marketing & community building
  • Crypto media-related articles ( blogs, news websites, and other publications)
  • E-commerce
  • Press release marketing


Less effort is put into communicating with institutional investors.

  • Direct-marketing networking
  • Whitepaper well-done
  • PR
  • Conventions

Now you understand ICO marketing needs. You should learn these strategies later.

4. Give your whitepaper effort

The white document makes ICO marketing ineffective. A well-documented whitepaper helps readers make informed decisions.

It should be presented as an educational tool that explains how your project works and asks, “What problems do you solve for your customers?”

  • What’s the solution?
  • How likely is success?
  • How are you superior to competitors?
  • Your tech architecture?
  • How do you handle legalities?


Simply reading a whitepaper may be difficult for the reader; therefore, utilize graphics & bold or italics to highlight important content.

Whether someone reads your entire whitepaper or skims it, they should be able to comprehend your project.

Create a map

Bad roadmaps explain your project’s history. Instead of saying you introduced your token in May 2021, you need significant initiatives & Smart targets. This will prove you’re on the right track & have an effective plan.

 5. Build Community

Strong communities help with advertising. When researching a product, first-hand users are always consulted. If you create a distinct society, you can directly involve product users. It also provides vital project information.

We found that the top 5 communication channels were: Twitter (92.8%), Facebook (73%), Telegram (67.9%), Linkedin (42.1%), and Medium (41.2%).

LINE, VK, BiYong, Weibo, and WeChat are popular communication channels in Asia.

 6. Airdrops affect ICO marketing.

Most successful marketing strategies offer freebies to potential customers/investors. Crypto airdrops work similarly. During an ICO, a blockchain-based firm should airdrop its potential customers.

Aktie Social, Eligma, & Bunny Token successfully airdropped their tokens.

Most airdropped tokens are described on social media & forums like

 7. Advertise your ICO

Mozilla and other crypto advertising platforms can help you advertise your project and reach your target audience through the display or native advertising.

Publisher network size

More ad networks and publishers mean more overage. You should consider both the size & quality of the network’s publishers.

8. Crypto PR will boost your ICO’s reach

By partnering with high-profile magazines, press releases can boost brand exposure and image.

Getting a crypto magazine to cover your trade may be costly. Research before investing. Note how related projects debuted theirs:

  • Did they use what websites?
  • Were they able to fund their project? If yes, how quickly?
  • Hit hard cap?

9. ICO content marketing

Facebook, Google, and other large networks don’t allow advertising. Content marketing can boost your business and generate leads.

Facebook doesn’t allow cryptocurrency token sale ads, but it does promote events, news, education, & blockchain-related material. It will enable the advertising of crypto trading platforms, crypto mining hardware/software, and cryptocurrencies with a license.

10. T&O

After the campaign begins, you still need to finish. Always measure success and change marketing and plan based on data. Evaluating everything will tell you if your expenses are worthwhile or a waste.

Google Analytics is the best website-tracking tool. If it’s set up correctly, you’ll know how effective each of your traffic sources is, leading to greater money.

11. Summary

ICO marketing is difficult but possible. Using the best technique, improving your efforts, and investing in the right spot makes the case study effective.

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